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Full Security

Full Security

Wordfence and Deny Ip/Country and Brute Force protection options available

Full Security

Data Backup

30 Days Granular backups with up to 6 months 1st & 15th of each month

Full Security

99.9% Uptime

only down for security updates and system reboots.  VM solution with multiple hosts

Full Security

Office Hours Support - 8am - 5pm Weekdays

Options for 24/7 support available, Standard plans provide office hours 8-5 unplanned support


we are creative Hosting company

WordPress Hosting Brisbane is a web hosting company that provides high quality web hosting solutions and a rich environment for the growth of online business. We are proud to provide online businesses a variety of hosting solutions to websites of all scales.  From small to medium businesses and corporate customers requiring outsourcing of their websites.


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Our Hosting

We provide a complete list of best digital services


Shared Hosting

cPanel options available on SSD arrays on high memory  16 cores servers.

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VPS Hosting

We can spin up a virtual copy of anything you available on VMware Servers with dedicated resources and more on demand

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Cloud Hosting

Multiple Hosts provide solutions to building industry clients, wholesalers and retailers

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Web Hosting

Fast wordpress sites and options available, secure mail and padlocked https provided with all plans

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Hosting Plans

Best prices ever for Search and Register your Domain name!

$ 220 P/A
  • Quota (MB) 1000 Of Intel DC SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth Monthly (MB) 4000
  • Max FTP Accounts 10
  • Max Email Accounts 50
  • Max Email Lists 10
  • Max Databases 2
  • Max Sub Domains 1
  • Max Parked Domains 1
  • Max Addon Domains 1
$ 330 P/A
  • Quota (MB) 4000 Of Intel DC SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth Monthly (MB) 8000
  • Max FTP Accounts 20
  • Max Email Accounts 100
  • Max Email Lists 20
  • Max Databases 5
  • Max Sub Domains 2
  • Max Parked Domains 2
  • Max Addon Domains 2
$ 550 P/A
  • Quota (MB) 10000 Of Intel DC SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth Monthly (MB) 20000
  • Max FTP Accounts 50
  • Max Email Accounts 500
  • Max Email Lists 50
  • Max Databases 10
  • Max Sub Domains 5
  • Max Parked Domains 5
  • Max Addon Domains 5

Our Guarantee

we Guarantee the best services and the best team

99.9% Uptime

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Best Class Hosting

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Great Support

use the mobile number to your account manager during office hours or skype and teamviewer